The School Board has authorized Superintendent / Principal Dr. Tricia Price, to hand-select a Building/Design Sub-Committee. The purpose of this committee is to gather and provide feedback to the Superintendent regarding the new building project, and represent key contstituency groups, (Teachers, Special Education, Dolphin Center, Administration, and our Parent Community).
What spaces are currently included in the new building?
Currently the new building proposes two classroom spaces and a Student Services/Administration office. Also included is an outdoor patio off one of the classrooms.
Where will the new building be located?
The new building will replace the two portables (Dolphin and Resource) on Cold Spring Road.
Why is a new building needed?
The three portables on campus are temporary buildings and in need of upgrades. They have been on the campus for more than fifteen years. In addition, they have not been approved by the Division of the State Architect (DSA) and would have to be brought up to their standards (See question #12 below). Safety and security would be improved if visitor traffic came through an entrance that was constantly monitored by personnel. Currently, any visitors entering from Cold Spring Road must pass by our youngest students before reaching office personnel and checking in.
What is the estimated cost of the new building?
Preliminary cost estimate for the new building is $2.5 million.
What will the funding source be for the new building?
This is currently under discussion by the Governing Board. Options include non-voter approved debt such as Certificates of Participation, Private Lease Placement; voter approved debt such as General Obligation bonds; a capital campaign, available district reserved funds, or a combination of all of these options.
When will the project break ground?
The current timeline estimates that building will begin in February, 2017.
What will become of the spaces currently used as the Business Office and Front Office?
When the Front Office moves into the new building, the current Front Office will be modernized to become a classroom space. When the Business Office moves into the new building, the current Business Office is being considered for use as a nurse’s office, psychologist office, resource space, or a combination (these are all part-time personnel).
Where will Dolphin and Resource/Special Day be housed during construction?
Options currently being discussed are for Dolphin and Resource to share an empty classroom during construction. If we have more than one empty classroom during construction, it is possible they may each have their own temporary space.
Where will Dolphin and Resource be when the new building is complete?
The current plan is for the art classroom to move into the new building, Dolphin into the current art room portable, and resource into the modernized current front office.
Is the current Staff Lounge included in the scope of this project?
No. The Staff Lounge remains the same.
Where will Coach O's office be located?
The current plan is for the PE office to be located in the Student Services Building.
Are the portables approved by the Department of State Architects?
Yes. We have recently learned that the three portables on campus are DSA-approved.

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